Christmas Precautions at Home

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Cautions in Christmas tips At home:
-The main door must always be closed. The door is not open to a stranger. Never leave written messages, such as “return in half an hour”.
-If they knock at the door be sure of who is the person that is going to open. Use proper intercom or video entry, or you look through a window.
-If you live alone or is only, never revealed to strangers or who call at their door.
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-Never open the door to people who offer services or products such as: telephone surveys, water, gas or attention of leakage meters. Be careful with the arrival of messaging, gifts, packages, etc., prior to receiving the shipment be sure well know to the sender.
-Stay tuned and remove any type of advertising or steering wheel “commercial”, which has been attached to your door or insert in la reja.
-In the evening before going to sleep, make sure that doors and windows are tightly closed. Let out a light.
-Before leaving home, check what is happening outside, see if someone is lurking. Out quickly and with keys in hand to close his house and, if it is the case, open and enter the vehicle.
-Arriving at your home, take the keys in his hand; If anyone follows you continue straight and go to a place public; only until not sure do not return to your home.
-Do not leave the curtains or blinds on the House discovered, thieves look at what you have and select enter interest.
-If it goes on vacation, be sure to leave well cut lawn and plants, as well as commit someone to collect the mail and the newspaper. Avoid thus leave unmistakable signs that this uninhabited house.
-Install and activate devices of automatic ignition of lamps when night falls on the outside and a set of on / off intermittent inside.

On the street:

-To take to the streets, keep a profile low, try to go unnoticed. Avoid wearing fancy clothing, as well as jewelry. Not to display or use your portable music player. Be alert and aware of everything that happens to her around.
-Take only the strictly necessary money. Keep your wallet in front pockets; If you use bag, grasp it firmly with your body, if it is hanging, crossing the mail by your body and that it is in the front of his body, carry it from the inside of the sidewalk. Bring your credit card only if you plan to use. Do not store all your money in one place.
-Walk quickly and firmly. Show confidence and security. Look back constantly, either use elements that provide reflection as windows.
-Walk in contradiction of the flow of vehicular i.e. seeing cars come and away from walls and doors hinges. Special attention has to turn around a corner.
-Transit by avenues of influx and are well lit; join groups of pedestrians.Home Improvement

-Arrange for friends and colleagues to move in groups, try to be always accompanied by the less than two persons.
-Wait for public transport in well lit and crowded places. Avoid as far as possible the use of steps, pedestrian bridges, overpasses or tunnels underground
-In his case the ladies should avoid provocative garments such as mini skirts and low-cut blouses. Walking on the street, get used to wear sneakers or rubber-soled shoes. If you are using high heel shoes, wear them only in places where going to wear them. In this way avoid spending their fine footwear, tripped and hurt themselves on the street, and in an emergency you will be easier to run. If the case occurs, high shoes and run barefoot as soon as possible. The heel of your shoes can be a great weapon for beating her attacker if necessary and thus save time and distance.
-Prevent violations, be attentive to everything that happens to her around and trust your instincts if you notice something strange; avoid walking distracted talking on the cell phone, make sure to wear their hair short or collected, away from where it can be pushed, pulled or charged, try taking something in hand to defend themselves.Home Improvement
-Do not ask for or accept “pool” of strangers, or people who just met.
-If a car is stopped and its occupants asked for some direction, not go near the vehicle under any circumstances.
-Be wary of bystanders to that address it to ask for an address, request help to load or hold something or tell you that your clothing is stained. Do not set any dialogue and continue their March.
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